Custom fulfillment locations

Send orders by email to 3rd-party services that manage inventory and fulfill orders

If you have a Shopify setup with custom fulfillment locations (Settings/Shipping and delivery/Accounts and integrations/Carrier accounts and fulfillment services/Manage integrations) you can use DataChamp to send details of your unfilled orders to your 3rd party fulfillment services:

  1. Create a new report by using the "New Report Button" and choose "Orders".

  2. Add a filter "Line items: Fulfillment service name"


  1. Complete the filter settings for "Custom fuilfillment service"

Write the exakt name as you named the "Custom fulfillment service" in the Shopify settings. If you want to filter more than one service, seperate the different services by a comma.


  1. Add additional filters

You must add another filters. This is important since the export else could get slow or you may run into line limits of your choosen plan.

We recommend a simple additional filter for "Fulfillment Status: Unfulfilled or Partially fulfilled":


Else you could also add filters for "Financial Status: paid" or "Created at: last 1 days"

  1. Export Mode: Incremental

Change the Export Mode to "Incremental" each order is only send once to your 3rd party fulfillment service.

  1. Add email notification

You will find this option on the right side unter "Settings". Add any email adress and provide a custom subject and message. To start with we recommend to send the emails first to yourself.

  1. Save the Report

You can do this by clicking on "Save" in the top right corner.

  1. Start your report

In the dashboard press the "play" icon to start your report.


  1. Add a scheduler

In the dashboard add a scheduler by clicking on the "scheduler" icon. You can run your report automatically each hour, each day or in other intervals.