The settings configured on the settings page are used as default settings for your reports. If you need a different setting for a report, you can change it in the report. settings


The app will send you an email when the report run has finished and your data has been exported.


Choose between different storage options. The default storage option is DataChamp, which means your exported data will be stored for free on your servers. You also have the option to connect to your own FTP, GoogleDrive or Dropbox account.

Export Format

In the "Export Format" section you can choose between Excel and CSV. The Excel file format supports multiple tabs/sheets. For example you can export orders and customers with one file.

On the other hand the CSV format is smaller and often used for data transfer between different IT systems. Please note that the CSV format does not support multiple tabs/sheets. If you have configured multiple tabs in your report only the first tab will be exported.

Pricing Plan

The pricing section shows you your current plan and a link where you can change or cancel your plan.