Introduction to DataChamp

Custom Excel and CSV Reports

DataChamp is the best and easiest to use Shopify reporting app. The applications helps shop owners to create custom reports, schedule them and save them in remote locations (Google Drive, FTP, Email, Dropbox).

Use the ready made templates and choose from over 400 fields. Generate reports and exports with all information you need.

Here we outline some use cases:

  • Reporting: Use the templates provided to get reports on orders, products or customers.
  • Integration:: Integrate Shopify with other systems or with your suppliers. For example send an email including only new and not fulfilled Orders as attached Excel or CSV file.
  • Automate: Export Orders every day at a certain time. Choose your favorite storage like FTP and use this data for further processing.
  • Backup: Export Products from Shopify to Google Drive or other destinations
  • Marketing: Export customers created in the last 30 days that spend less than 10$

Do you miss any feature?

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Get Started

If you want to get started with your exports install the Shopify app right now: Shopify App DataChamp.

If you want to dive deep, start by reading the Export Quickstart guide .