Filters for Order

Filters for Order

Custom Term

With DataChamp you can search for Shopify Custom Terms

This function allows you search as in the search bar of Shopify. This special search allows to filter for further content. For example you can search for orders including products (SKUs, product names) in the order.

Use the custom term as in this example: filters-custom-term

The output for this example will be:

  • only unfulfilled orders
  • only orders including order lines with product SKUs "SKU4711" or "SKU1314"

Date placeholders in filters

You can add filters using date placeholders.

This is an example of a filter for orders: Export only orders with "Tag" "equals to any of" "%m/%d/%Y":


"%m/%d/%Y" will be converted to today - like "10/05/2020" - and only orders having this "Tag" will be exported.