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Combine two fields

Combine the address first line and second line

If you want only one address line column in your export - but you don't want to loose the second line information, you can combine the two columns:

  1. Select both fields


    Use the search field - like in this example "address" to find the fields you are looking for.


  2. Next add a Mapping with this setup:



    Don't forget to click on "Add" or "Update"!


    • "If" checks if there is a second line present.
    • If yes - then the first line is updated by using these values:
      • {{ Shipping Address: Address first line }}
      • and {{ Shipping Address: Address second line }}
    • If we would only update the first line with the content of the second line, we would loose the information of the first line.

    To fully understand the functionality please take a look at:

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