Columns for Custom Attributes and Metafields

Follow this tutorial if you need separate columns for specific "keys" of your metafields or custom attributes.

  1. First setup up you report with this Selection:


    • We use a filter including only the last 30 days, to reduce the output of the export and the running time. Depending on the quantity of orders in your shop you should adapt this value.
    • There is only "Order / Line items - Custom attributes" selected.


  2. Run the report by clicking on "Update & Run" in the upper right corner:


  3. This will export you your keys - like in this example.



    Only keys where you entered data will show up, therefore take care to export orders that have data entered for the keys you need.

    The keys are appended to the column name - in this example:

    • "Line items: Custom attributes" the two keys are highlighted above:
      • "name"
      • and "size".


    As you can see - DataChamp will create for each key a column. If your filtered data doesn't include a key in a report run, the column will be absent in the generated Excel or CSV. And you can not be sure about the order of the columns.

  4. Let's setup two columns for the keys:


    This columns will be present in every export, even if the exported rows do not include rows with these keys set.

    For the two keys first duplicate the column "Line items: Custom attributes" by clicking on the "duplicate" symbol:


    Then insert the key names into the "Filter key" field and change the name of the column as you need it:


  5. Next run your report again and check the output.

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