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Additional line from column value

Use any data to add additional lines

For example if you’d like the “SKU” to appear as an additional line before each order line, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new report by using the "New Report Button" and choose "Orders".

  2. Add a filter "Created at - last 30 days"


  3. Choose the columns you need, don`t forget to select "Line item: SKU"


  4. Add an additional column

    Add the column by setting up the Column name, Value stays empty: "My SKU as an additional line before each item". Then drag the Column to the first row using the Icon on the left of the column:


  5. Add a row "before each new item" and set the value of "{{ Line item: SKU }}" to your additional row:



    Don't forget to press the "Update" Button before leaving the "Row" tab.

In the “Layout” tab, open the settings for the “Shipping line: Code” field and check the box labeled “Omit column output”.

In the “Rows” tab, add a row "after each new item". To insert the "Shipping line: Code" into this row, use the field name enclosed by curly brackets, like this: {{ Shipping line: Code }}.

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