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  • How to Export Shopify Orders to Excel/CSV

    Exporting Shopify orders with all details is important for custom reporting and backup purposes. With DataChamp, you can easily export full order data from the Shopify database. Let's explore what you can export, what makes DataChamp unique, and how to do it.


  • Columns for custom attributes and metafields

    Learn how you can export your custom attributes and metafields as separate columns.


  • Custom fulfillment locations

    Send orders by email to 3rd-party services that manage inventory and fulfill orders.


  • Additional line from column value

    Add an additional line from a column before or after each row.


  • Order headers and lines in on CSV File

    Customize a report with header and line items in one CSV file.


  • Internetmarke

    Customize the template "Deutsche Post - Internetmarke" for your needs.


  • Combine two fields

    In this tutorial we show how to combine the first address line and the second address line fields into one field.


  • Separate column into two columns

    In this tutorial we show how to provide street name and street number in separate columns using the Shopify field "Address first line".


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