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Report Settings


Configure the storage your report should be transferred to. And configure the behavior "Skip uploading empty files".


If you indent to use Google Drive, FTP or Dropbox - please configure your storages first.


Export Mode

Choose from these export modes:

  • Items

    • Standard: All items that match the filter criteria are exported each time the report is run
    • Incremental: Only items that match the filter criteria and were not exported in a previous run are exported
  • Lines

    • Standard: For each sub item e.g. order lines in orders, a separate line is inserted
    • Compress: Sub items e.g. order lines in orders are inserted in a single line
    • Fill: Like "Standard" but values of the main item are copied in each line e.g. "Order note" is inserted for each order line
    • Duplicate by quantity: Sub items e.g. order lines are duplicated based on the quantity. So for a single order line with a quantity of 5, 5 lines are created

File Type & File Name

Choose between Excel or CSV files for the export.

CSV - Encoding, Delimiter and Quote

These are the available options when using CSV file type:

  • Encoding
    • UTF-8 (Default)
    • UTF-8 with BOM
    • ASCII
    • CP1252 (Windows-1252)
    • ISO-8859-1
    • ISO-8859-8
    • Shift JIS
  • Delimiter
    • , (Default)
    • ;
    • tab
    • |
  • Quote
    • " (Default)
    • '
    • none
    • " (forced)
  • Line break
    • LF (Mac | Linux | Unix)
    • CRLF (Windows)

File Name

User-defined file names can be used.

Please use one of this placeholders:

Placeholder Description Example
%Y Year 2020
%m Month 08
%d Day 24
%H Hour 13
%M Minute 08
%S Second 43
%reportname Reportname orders for dropshipping
%tabnames Tabnames orders_for_dropshipping

DataChamp will show a preview of your customized file name:


Email Notification

When choosing "Yes" you will see this form:


  • To, CC, BCC: add a comma separated list of email recipients
  • Include report as an attachment: If selected the email will include the exported Excel or CSV file

Customize Mail

By clicking on "Customize Mail" the section will expand and you can configure these options:


  • Subject: These placeholders are available
    • %Y Year
    • %m Month
    • %d Day
    • %H Hour
    • %M Minute
    • %S Second
    • %reportname
    • %tabnames
  • ReplyTo Address
  • Body
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