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With mappings you can customize the output of any column.

There are three sections:

1⃣ If
2⃣ set
3⃣ to

The "If section"

Use this section in the same way as "filters". Set up the condition when the mapping should be used.

The "set section"

Set which column should be set by the mapping. You can also use the "Add your own custom columns" function in the "Layout" tab to define additional columns that can be set here.

The "to section"

As the last step you have to configure the content.

You can use the values from other columns: The syntax is: {{column name}}.


You must write the exact same name of the column as you can see it in the "Layout" tab. Pay attention to the spelling and spaces!


Here is an example of a mapping which adds the "Shipping Address: Address second line" to "Shipping Address: Address first line":


Use math expressions

Further you can write math expressions. The syntax is: "[[math expression]]".

There are (nearly) no limits. Here are some expressions:

* [[ 1.2 * ( {{Line items: Weight of product variant}} + 4.5) ]] 
* [[ sin(45 deg) ^ {{Line items: Quantity}} ]]  
* [[ {{Line items: Total price}} - ({{Line items: Total discount}}/1.2) ]]

If you need more complex functions, take a look at the function library we use.



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