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What timezone is used by DataChamp?

All exported dates and times are set to the time zone of your Shopify account. Open "General" on the Shopify settings page and you will find this option in the "Standards and formats" section:


Can I export only orders with a certain SKUs or certain products included?

To apply a filter on Orders to export only: - Orders including certain products

Use the filter "Custom Term".

How can I quickly test an export with many lines?

Use a filter that decreased your lines less than 100. If you export products you could include only certain SKUs. If you export orders you could export only certain "Fulfillment states" or you could use a filter on a date field like "created at".

Can I merge multiple columns to one column?

If you need to merge multiple columns to one column you can use the mapping function.

Here is an example: You can merge "Address first line" with "Address second line".

First - select both fields:


Second - use the mapping function:


Can I calculate a combined product field for "packages"?

Follow these steps to calculate an additional field per order that has a certain value if the order contains a certain products:

  1. Add a custom column using the Layout tab
  2. Set the Export Mode to "Compress" (you only want one line per order, but you need the order details compressed in this one line).
  3. In the Selection tab you need to choose the order line detail that identifies the combined product - like the SKU.
  4. Then you need to add a mapping - like this one:


Can I export images?

Yes you can. By using Google Sheets. You can use the Google Sheets function "=IMAGE" and add the column in the section "Layout" in DataChamp.

Use for example this value: =IMAGE("{{Featured original image URL}}"; 1)

For further options please take a look at the Google Sheets documentation for "=IMAGE()"

Give this function a try and use the template provided in DataChamp: "Products with images in Google Sheets"

Repeated lines are empty, how can I fill them?

To fill each line for example with the shipping address, please edit the Export Mode settings of your report. Change "Export Mode / Lines" to "Fill".


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