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January 2022 Updates

2021 was a fantastic year for DataChamp. DataChamp has grown up. Many new features have been added. We were able to win many new customers.

Happy New Year 2022! Read here about these new features and improvements: Export improvements, Mappings & Filters and many small improvements:

Export improvements

  • Use reverse sort order
  • Add days to date columns
  • New attributes for export: product tags at order line, product variant selected options at inventory level
  • New attributes code and title at discount application
  • New attribute fulfillment tracking information at line item

Mappings & Filters

  • Use metafiels in your mapping logic
  • New filter “subtotal line items quantity”
  • Add prefix and suffix to calculated custom columns

Many small improvements

  • ISO-8559-1 encoding
  • Excel freeze columns customizable
  • Many small improvements and fixes
  • Extended email options for “To", “CC” and "BCC”
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