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Juli 2021 Updates

Happy Summer 2021! Read here about these new features:

  • Google Sheets integration
  • Images in exports
  • Location inventory export
  • New fields and filters

Google Sheets

This is a feature that many users asked for. We now have full support for exporting to Google Sheets!


Show Shopify images in Google Sheets exports

You can use the Google Sheets function "=IMAGE" and add the column in the section "Layout" in DataChamp.

Use for example this value: =IMAGE("{{Featured original image URL}}"; 1)

For further options please take a look at the Google Sheets documentation for `"=IMAGE()"

Give this function a try and use the new template provided in DataChamp: "Products with images in Google Sheets"


Location inventory level

Export the locations and there inventory levels. You can group and filter your exports by the location name and other attributes.


New fields

  • Image URLs
  • Product featured image URL
  • Current quantity (line items)
  • Manual Discount Applications (order)
  • Country code of origin (line items)
  • Product - Variants - Inventory item

New filters

  • SKU (line items)
  • Current quantity (line items)
  • Fulfillable quantity (line items)
  • Product type (line items)
  • Vendor (line items)
  • Fulfillment service (line items)
  • Fulfillment status (line items)
  • Inventory quantity (product variants)
  • Inventory price (product variants)

New Export options

  • Skip empty files upload
  • Second FTP provider

Further improvements

  • We now support these encoding for CSV file export: Hebrew file encoding (ISO-8859-8)
  • FTP errors are forwarded to the shops email account

Please give these new features a try and let us know what you think. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

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