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November 2020 Updates

Happy November! Again we added many new features. Here are the news of November:

DataChamp was named as one of the Top Sales, Discount & Order Management apps

DataChamp was featured in a article of Retail Insider as "Top Sales, Discounts & Order Management Apps"

Additional fields and perfrom alculations

Create additional columns and fill them with data from other fields and perform calculations. It’s simple to use. Just open the report editor and take a look at the tabs “Layout” and “Mappings”:

  • Add additional columns
  • Use mathematical evaluations to fill these columns like “New column” = “Total price” – Total refund”
  • Evaluate even complex expressions like (“Column A” + (“Column B” * 1.1))
  • Please take a look at the documentation about further details and how to use this feature:

Search for fields

Yes – there are so many fields in Shopify. With our new search widget It will be much easier now to locate your missing fields.

Column settings

  • By clicking on the settings icon next to each column in the “Layout” tab you can modify various settings.
  • “Omit column output”: If you need a field only for calculations in additional added columns you can disable the output now. 
  • Padding character, Prefix and many more options are available there as well 

Rows settings

Add additional rows with fixed values and omit the header row. This can be done in the “Rows” tab. 

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