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October 2020 Updates

In October DataChamp received some new functions again:

Custom attributes are exported in columns

This is an often requested feature. Custom attributes will appear in columns from now on. Further - if you don't want to export all custom attributes you can filter them:


Additional fields

We added support for export of these fields:

  • Order: Order line: Barcode
  • Product: Image URL

Use variables within your custom field mappings

Combine fields into one export column or use fields multiple times. Use an exported field in your custom field mappings using the following syntax: {{field name}}. Here is an example:


Date placeholders can be used with filters

This is an example of a filter for orders: Export only orders with "Tag" "equals to any of" "%m/%d/%Y":


"%m/%d/%Y" will be converted to today - like "10/05/2020" - and only orders having this "Tag" will be exported.

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