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September 2020 Updates

Happy September! We have a few exciting updates to share. DataChamp got exiting new features and we hope you love them. Read on for more... :)

List of new features

New use case: 3rd party custom fulfillment service

If you have a Shopify setup with custom fulfillment locations (Settings/Shipping and delivery/Accounts and integrations/Carrier accounts and fulfillment services/Manage integrations) you can use DataChamp to send details of your unfilled orders to your 3rd party fulfillment services:

We explain the setup in this tutorial.

Custom Data Mappings

Create your own mappings and explore new use cases. Just say "If ... set ...":


Custom Rows

Add unlimited custom rows: * after header row * as first row * as last row


New template: Deutsche Post Internetmarke

DataChamp creates import compatible CSV files for Internetmarke. Take a look at the tutorial for further details.

Please give these new features a try and let us know what you think, or if you have any questions, by replying to this email.

Sincerly, Your DataChamp Team

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