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August 2020 Updates

We have again added new functions to DataChamp for Shopify. Read more about the new "Export Modes", more filter options, more available fields and improvements for e-mail templates. You get more options, but still a very easy to use app!

List of new features

Use DataChamp report definitions to export orders directly

This is a frequently requested feature that we have now implemented. Select orders and export them directly from Shopify by choosing "More actions" and "DataChamp Export": mail-subject-with-placeholders

Export Mode


Choose now from these export modes

  • Items
  • Standard: All items that match the filter criteria are exported each time the report is run
  • Incremental: Only items that match the filter criteria and were not exported in a previous run are exported

  • Lines

  • Standard: For each sub item e.g. order lines in orders, a separate line is inserted
  • Compress: Sub items e.g. order lines in orders are inserted in a single line
  • Fill: Like "Standard" but values of the main item are copied in each line e.g. "Order note" is inserted for each order line

Even more fields are available for export

  • Orders
  • Fulfillment Events
  • Fulfillment Orders
  • Metafields
  • Products, Collections
  • Metafields

New Filters

We added these fields as a filter option: * total weight * closed at

Placeholders for mail subject


These placeholders are now available in the subject of the email: * %Y Year * %m Month * %d Day * %H Hour * %M Minute * %S Second * *%reportname Reportname * %tabnames Tabnames

Send email to multiple recipients

You can now specify multiple recipients in the email notification setting. Just separate them with a comma.


New Videos

Thanks for reading! We hope the new features are useful for you and further simplify your data export worklfow. As always, if you have any questions, if you need support or have feature request, just drop us a line.

Best Your team

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