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July 2020 Updates

We have added great new features to DataChamp for Shopify. Email templates and emails with attachments open up new possibilities. We enhanced the settings section and made it even easier to use now.

Further we enhanced the documentation and added some training videos.

List of new features

Email with CSV/Excel attached and custom email templates

You will find the option on the right side of the report editor as part of the settings options:

Use this feature to automate tasks with your

  • Dropshipper
  • Warehouse
  • Payment Service Provider
  • Partners & Co-Workers

Here is an example how you could automate the workflow with your Dropshipper:

  1. Setup an order export, use the "incremental" option and schedule every day an email with attached Excel file to your Dropshipper
  2. include only certain SKUs, products or tags
  3. filter to export only "paid" orders
  4. Custom the email text to "Please find attached new orders ready to ship"

Ready is your automation - no more sending of Excels every day, no more missing orders - DataChamp takes care of the "incremental" export

Any questions how to setup your requirement? Please don't hesitate to write an email.

Order Transaction

We added the "Order Transaction" to the exportable fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

We improved the documentation. And we added a new section - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. There we answer common questions. You will find answers to "Timezone used by DataChamp" and "Export only Orders with a certain SKUs or certain products included".

If you have any further questions - please do not hesitate to write an email.

New Product Videos

Thanks for reading! We hope the new features are useful for you and further simplify your data export worklfow. As always, if you have any questions, if you need support or have feature request, just drop us a line.

Best Your team

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