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April 2020 Release

Again we present many new features and improvements. The Excel file format has been improved to increase readability. You get a larger selection of fields for export. Further we made many small improvements and fixed some bugs.

List of new features

Repeated name columns

When exporting items which take multiple lines e.g order lines in order export, the following predefined fields are now populated in each line. Field "name for order, field "handle" for products and field "email" for customers.

Additional export fields

Order export now includes the object "Shipping line" including the "export shipping costs".

Timezone handling

If you export a date/time field the timezone of your store is now applied!

Bug fixes and small improvements

We fixed some bugs and made usability improvements.

Thanks for reading! We hope the new features are useful for you and further simplify your data export worklfow. As always, if you have any questions need some support or have feature request, just drop us a line.

Best wishes Your team

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