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March 2020 Updates

The past few weeks have been quite busy and we are happy to provide you with great new features.

In the process of implementing new features, we also updated the User Interface to keep the workflow for data export as simple as possible, while allowing you to further customize your excel reports.

new datachamp user interface

List of features

CSV Exports

Next to Excel exports you now have the option to export your data in CSV format. This allows you to process your data directly in other applications without conversion from xlsx to csv.

Additional data storage

Choose from a list of external storage providers. You can choose between

  • DataChamp
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • FTP

This allows you to save your exports directly in your existing storage (e.g. your Google Drive account). No need to log in and download the result as the export is already where it belongs to - your own storage. This is especially useful for scheduled reports (eg daily, weekly, ...).

Default settings

A new settings page allows you to configure your default settings.

Choose if

  • you want to be notified when an export has finished,
  • what your preferred storage destination is
  • and in which format you want to receive your export.

The settings are used as configuration in your export jobs. You still have the option to change one or more settings per job.

Thanks for reading! We hope the new features are useful for you and further simplify your data export worklfow. As always, if you have any questions need some support or have feature request, just drop us a line.

Best wishes Your team

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